Self Care Sunday I: Let us Listen

Author: Joanna Marquis

Self-care. We talk a lot about it.

Here, at Blue Ridge Hemp and all over the world.
What is it? What does it look like for you? How can we make more space for it?
In a fast-growing, entrepreneurial world we seem to have to show up for ourselves and our peers with more energy and enthusiasm than ever before.
The energy to make our dreams come true.
The energy...

Gratitude Friday V: Another Sauce Song by Aha Gazelle

Gratitude Friday V: Another Sauce Song by Aha Gazelle

By Will Oseroff, CEO & founder of Blue Ridge Hemp

I’m mixing it up a little bit this week. In the past we’ve talked about different things I’ve been grateful for on certain days and different people that I’m grateful for. Today I want to share a song that I’m grateful for and have been listening to all the time, Another Sauce Song by Aha Gazelle.

One of the things that I’ve done throughout my life is listen to songs on repeat. I...

Mantra Monday V: Creating Your Best Year

Author: Joe Lizz

My mantra for the day: “Be gentle to myself.” 

 We’ve set our intentions for the year (and for some of us we’ve set our resolutions) and now it’s time to make sure we set ourselves up for long-term success. According to research conducted at the University of Scranton, only about 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals each year, and we want to add to your toolbox...

Gratitude Friday IV: Finding Success Through Sharing My Passion

Will Oseroff transcribed by Danielle Schoen

Thinking back on this week, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Typically we talk about a lot of the things that I’m grateful for in regards to the business, but this week I really want to take some time to acknowledge the fact that I am so grateful for the individuals in my life who care about me and my wellbeing at a personal level.

I know that the people of the Blue Ridge Nation and...

Mantra Monday IV: Journaling & Self Care

Mantra Monday IV: Journaling & Self Care

Author: Joe Lizz
Editor: Danielle Schoen

We spend a lot of time here at Blue Ridge Hemp talking about...