CBD Adaptogenic Superfood Travel Latté

CBD Adaptogenic Superfood Travel Latté

This #SelfCareSunday we are celebrating the small acts of self care that allow us to show ourselves some much deserved love. 


Self care doesn’t need to be flashy or big; in fact, sometimes the littlest acts on the longest days can be the most valuable moments of showing up for ourselves. 

We’re excited to show up for all of you this week with a @cbdsuperfood #SelfCareSundayGiveaway!


Last week a friend of ours asked about ways to take care of her body on long travel days, specifically plane travel. Our favorite form of travel self-care is to pack a mug, some @cbdsuperfood x @goddessghee ghee, and a packet of @foursigmatic adaptogenic mushroom powder for the airport. 

Once you get through security, ask the folks at the airport coffee stand for some steamed milk and create your own nourishing @cbdsuperfood adaptogenic latte on the go! 


Fasting during plane rides, while nourishing the body with healing herbs, can be an awesome way to show the body some love and show up to your destination feeling rested and ready to enjoy!


1. Follow @blueridgehemp and @cbdsuperfood
2. Answer in the comments: How are YOU showing up for yourself this Sunday and how might you incorporate
@cbdsuperfood into that self care ritual?
3. Tag a friend in the comments to share the self-care love. One friend per comment but comment as much as you’d like. The more comments, the more entries.

THE PRIZE: @cbdsuperfood product of choice for you and your friend tagged in the comment.

WINNERS will be chosen Monday and posted on @blueridgehemp stories.



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