CBD Superfood Anti-Inflammatory Golden Smoothie

CBD Superfood Anti-Inflammatory Golden Smoothie

💜 Each #selfcaresunday we are reminded to give ourselves some extra love and care. Sometimes self care is a big gesture, and sometimes it’s a little gesture with big rewards — like this smoothie bowl! 🥣

✨ Preparing this @cbdsuperfood Anti-Inflammatory Golden Smoothie won’t take much time out of your morning, but is a powerful, healing way to start your day! 💪🏼\

🌞 The @cbdsuperfood & @goddessgheeCBD Golden Spice Ghee is made from a blend of turmeric root, real cinnamon, cardamon, black peppercorns, and Celtic sea salt.

These spices have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to prevent and reduce inflammation, and may be even more powerful when combined with CBD! ✨

🍑 Sweetened by peaches and a dash of coconut nectar or maple syrup, this medicinal breakfast will leave your body feeling calm and soothed. It’s an easy and meaningful way to show yourself some TLC!

✨ 🍑 Anti-Inflammatory Golden Smoothie Recipe 🍑 ✨

- 1 tbsp golden spice ghee or coconut oil
- 1 c. frozen peaches
- 1 c. milk of choice
- 2 tsp coconut nectar or maple syrup

Combine in blender until smooth. Eat right away, or put in the freezer to harden a little more and enjoy later!



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