CBD Superfood Ants On a Log

CBD Superfood Ants On a Log

Did you know that goji berries are a superfood in their own right? ✨

These little berries are packed with a powerful array of health benefits to keep your body feeling strong and nourished. They are believed to protect against age-related eye diseases, provide immune support thanks to their antioxidant content, and may help to stabilize your blood sugar. They also contain beta-carotene, which can help to promote healthy skin.

😋We have decided to enjoy a dose of goji goodness by putting an @cbdsuperfood spin onto the snack classic, ants on a log.

Paired with the protein of peanut butter and possible benefits of CBD, these offer a crunchy, nutritious bite to provide you with energy in the afternoon.

CBD Superfood Ants on a Log Recipe



  1. Cut celery into three inch long stalks.
  2. In a small bowl, mix peanut butter and coconut oil until well combined. If coconut oil is solid, heat a pan on the stove, remove from heat, and place coconut oil in pan until melted. Then mix.
  3. Lather celery stalks with peanut butter mixture.
  4. Top with goji berries, and enjoy!

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