CBD Superfood Carrot Cake Bites

If you have ever craved carrot cake, this little treat is for you!

These carrot cake bites are full of nutrients, but are free of refined sugars to leave your body feeling nourished and balanced!

Each carrot slice is lathered with @followyourheart vegan cream cheese, then sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut and drizzled in our @cbdsuperfoodDark Chocolate Coconut Oil to create the flavor of a decadent carrot cake in each bite!

Too much refined sugar can cause an imbalance of bacteria in your gut that can dampen your mood, cause you to feel lethargic, and compromise your overall wellbeing.

Finding ways to recreate your favorite sweet foods in low-glycemic form using natural sugars is a great way to support balance and joy in your body! Click on the link in our bio for this recipe, and crunch away.

CBD Superfood Carrot Cake Bites Recipe



Slice carrots lengthwise and rest on a plate with the flat side facing up. Spread on a thin layer of vegan cream cheese. Sprinkle with cinnamon and shredded coconut, and drizzle Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil over the top. Enjoy!

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