CBD Superfood Chocolate Blueberry Powerballs

CBD Superfood Chocolate Blueberry Powerballs

Happy #gratitudefriday!

Today we’re grateful for the Instagram foodie community, their awesome recipe ideas, and allllll of the amazing @cbdsuperfooddishes we’ve been able to make now that it’s blueberry season here in the Blue Ridge ☀️

Blueberries are a nutrient-dense antioxidant powerhouse. They’re also a perfect snack during your moon cycle to help replenish and nourish the body.

These @cbdsuperfood blueberry power balls are inspired by an @hannahharvestinghealth recipe.

We added a CBD-infused, chocolatey twist with some @cbdsuperfood x @goddessghee dark chocolate ghee and @amazinggrass chocolate superfoods powder, making these the perfect superfood snack to have on hand this coming weekend!

@cbdsuperfood Chocolate Blueberry Powerballs Recipe



Stir everything together, roll into balls, and store (on parchment paper) in the freezer or fridge!


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