CBD Superfood Golden Spiced Oatmeal

CBD Superfood Golden Spiced Oatmeal

We’re sure that your fridge is stocked with lots of leftovers from yesterday’s festivities! 

You probably have food for lunch and dinner over the next several days, but Thanksgiving food isn’t as delicious for breakfast.

This golden spiced oatmeal will offer some fresh flavor and is a great way to start the day. 

Thanks to our @cbdsuperfood Golden Spiced Coconut Oil, oats, and banana, this meal is packed with vital nutrients. It’s also an easy meal to make for lots of people, so you can feed yourself and your holiday guests without a lot of prep work!

You’ll love this so much that you’ll want it for today’s breakfast and tomorrow’s, too!

CBD Superfood Golden Spiced Oatmeal Recipe



Cook oats based off of brand instructions (we recommend Bob’s Red Mill oats!). When cooked, stir in CBD Golden Spiced Coconut Oil and maple syrup. Top with shredded coconut, dried cranberries, and sliced banana.


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