CBD Superfood Hempé Sandwich

CBD Superfood Hempé Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

As spring finally emerges around us, we’ve been craving nourishing lunches to enjoy in the sun. Sandwiches don’t call to us as much during the winter, but once the weather warms up, they sound like the perfect midday meal!

This sandwich is a hearty lunch thanks to chickpea hempé from Smiling Hara. We’ve added extra flavor with pesto, onions, and spinach, and some seeded bread from Dave’s Killer Bread.

CBD Superfood Sandwich Recipe



  1. In a cast iron pan, grill hempé on medium heat. Cook until both sides are brown.
  2. When hempé is ready, lightly toast bread in a toaster or in the oven.
  3. Lather one slice of bread with CBD Superfood Ghee.
  4. Lather both slices with pesto (stay tuned for a CBD Superfood pesto recipe coming soon. . .)
  5. Line bread with hempé, onion, and spinach. Slice it in half (or in quarters for sharing!) and enjoy!

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