CBD Superfood Lemon Drops

CBD Superfood Lemon Drops
Once the week has begun, mornings can be busy and hectic. Amidst weekly demands, we can forget to set aside time to take care of ourselves.
Some of our recipes require extensive preparation, but we like to include a few that can be made quickly so that self-care can fit into your existing routines.

These lemon drops can be prepared on your weekend and will enhance your tea throughout the week! While you're getting ready for the day, boil some water to fill your thermos, add a bag of your favorite tea blend, and grab a lemon drop from the freezer.

The lemon will bring flavor & zing, and our @cbdsuperfood Coconut Oil will add healthy fats & the possible benefits of CBD!
It's the perfect way to bring self-care with you on the go. Click on the link in our bio for the recipe, and enjoy!

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