CBD Superfood Liver Latté Recipe

CBD Superfood Liver Latté Recipe

This afternoon, set aside time to enjoy a Liver Latte!

🌼 Powered by roasted dandelion root tea and our @cbdsuperfood & @goddessghee Original Ghee, this warm beverage will help to calm and detoxify your body. 🌼

✨ The liver is one of our most fundamental organs. It helps to filter and detoxify our blood, store glucose, regulate our internal functions, and more.

It is so important to eat foods that support this organ in its daily work, which is why we have roasted dandelion root tea as the base in this beverage — dandelions help to cleanse the liver and keep it functioning to the best of its ability! 👌

🌿 Take a moment to rest on your porch, breathe in some fresh air, and sip on this soothing Liver Latte. Your body will thank you! 🙂

☕️ Liver Latte Recipe: ☕️
- 2 tbsp roasted dandelion root tea
- 1 c. water
- milk of choice (to taste)
- 1 tbsp @cbdsuperfood & @goddessgheeGhee
Brew tea for 10+ minutes to taste (longer for a dark roast flavor, shorter for a light roast). Once brewed, add milk and ghee and enjoy! 💜

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