CBD Superfood London Fog

CBD Superfood London Fog

It’s #mantramonday, which means that it’s time to begin our week with a mindful mantra.

Today, we are reminding ourselves to take every opportunity to live in an easeful way.

It is easy to be swept up by the fast-paced structure and constant demands of the world around us. It can be difficult to find balance between the needs of work, family, and our personal pursuits.

One way to create such balance is to incorporate slowness into little moments of your routine.

If your health allows, get up a little early in the morning and make yourself a soothing beverage like our @cbdsuperfood London Fog. Sit by the window and drink it slowly, or bring it along with you in a thermos to make your day begin with ease.

Made with our @cbdsuperfood x @goddess.ghee Ghee, it carries all the possible benefits of CBD to begin your day in a state of relaxation rather than stress.

London Fog Recipe



Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until ghee creates a creamy latte texture. Pour and serve.

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