CBD Superfood Smoothie & Fat Bomb

🍌🍑 This meal packs a double punch of @cbdsuperfoodgoodness!

This @cbdsuperfood golden spice ghee, banana, and peach smoothie is topped with a CBD-infused fat ball!

Together, they taste absolutely delicious and offer your body a ton of nourishment.

🥤 We made our smoothie by blending together…

- 1 tbs @cbdsuperfood golden spice ghee

- 1 ripe banana

- 1/2 of a frozen banana

- ½ cup frozen peaches

- 1 cup nut or seed milk of your choice

For the @cbdsuperfood fat ball — we used @leefromamerica coconut fat ball recipe and used ¼ cup of @cbdsuperfood coconut oil and ¼ cup conventional coconut oil in place of ½ cup of coconut oil in the original recipe.

This is an absolutely delicious way to nourish the body with CBD and healthy fats while curbing sugar cravings! 😍

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