CBD Superfood Thin Mints

’Tis the season for delicious goodies, particularly ones with seasonal flavors like peppermint! 🌱

These thin mints aren’t just a delicious treat — -they’re also a nutrient-rich snack that you can enjoy on the go!

Infused with peppermint extract, these cookies can help to reduce stomach discomfort and will offer your body lots of antioxidants.

Each cookie is also high in protein and fiber thanks to @justhempfoods Hemp Protein and Fiber Powder! The thin mints are enhanced with a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms thanks to a packet of Brain Dust by @moonjuice so you can stay calm and focused during the day. And, of course, they’re flavored with our @cbdsuperfood Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil to bring along all the possible benefits of CBD!

CBD Superfood Thin Mints Recipe



In a pan, melt regular coconut oil on low heat. Remove from heat and add CBD Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil and mix until fully melted. Mix coconut oils and all remaining ingredients together in a bowl. Scoop onto a plastic container and press into small disks. Place in fridge or freezer to set. If stored in freezer, let sit at room temperature for 10 minutes before eating. Enjoy!

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