CBD Superfood #ToastTuesday

CBD Superfood #ToastTuesday

When it comes to food, sometimes simplicity is the way to go! 🍞

We love creating dynamic recipes with our @cbdsuperfood products that are full of wholesome ingredients to feed your mind, body and spirit — but satisfying a classic craving can be just as nourishing! ✨

🥖 For #toasttuesday, we slathered some @goddess.ghee x @cbdsuperfood ghee onto a piece of gluten-free sour dough bread. It’s all the creamy goodness of ghee combined with the crunch of perfectly toasted bread.

Thanks to the gluten-free bread, digestive benefits of ghee, and possible benefits of CBD, this savory snack will taste good and leave you with a happy belly! 😋


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