Eating the Rainbow: Health Benefits of Color in Farm Fruits and Veggies

✨When we visit the Farmer’s Market each week for Blue Ridge Hemp, we fill our basket with as many seasonal colors as we can!

A colorful assortment of produce makes for a gorgeous bounty, but it also offers so much more. . .

. . . different colors come from different types of plant pigment, and each pigment offers unique nutrients that keep your body happy, healthy, and strong! 💪🏽

🍊🍋🍑 Orange and yellow come from carotenoids, which act as antioxidants in the body. These support healthy vision and can fight cellular damage.

🍓🍒🍆 Blue, red, purple, and cream come from flavonoids, which are also antioxidants and sometimes contain anti-inflammatory effects.

🥦🥒🌱Green is a result of chlorophyll, which has natural liver and blood detoxification powers, helps your body heal wounds, improve digestion, and more. We always grab lots of leafy greens from the market to load up on this amazing pigment!

🌈 When you incorporate colorful produce and CBD from CBD Superfood into your meals for the week, your food becomes a rainbow of natural medicinethat is fresh and delicious!

Which colors are in your basket this week? ✨


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