Gratitude Friday II: Celebrating Community

Author: Will Oseroff transcribed by Danielle Schoen

Happy Gratitude Friday, Blue Ridge Nation!

I was going to go with the same structure for the blog as last week and highlight the aspects of each day that I was grateful for, but, to be honest, this entire week has been a blur. Not a blur in a bad way, but in the absolute best way possible.
I’m so so grateful for the experience we’ve had this last week and this entire year. It’s been incredbily cool.

This week could not have been more different than the holiday “rush” of a year ago. Our mailman, Landon, highlighted it the other day when he came to pick up our outgoing packages; last year he would pick up 2 packages a day, and this year he has three rounds of packages to pick up each day.

In fact, just yesterday our sales totalled what our entire month of sales was from last December. Not only that, but last year it took Seth and I that whole month to create and distribute all of the products, and just a year later we have a whole team around us that has simplified that process into something that we can easily do in a day.

The way that we have all fallen into each other’s lives as a team has been so unexpected and awesome, which is why we took time yesterday to have a holiday party and celebrate Team Blue Ridge Hemp.

The party was everything that I could have ever wished for times a million.

I had this idea a while back that we should do a Nerf War, and wasn’t sure how everyone was going to react. I’ve been nervous since I ordered the Nerf guns, nervous that people were going to either love it or think that it was another shenanigan to go along with in order to make me happy. Everybody ended up loving it, though, and you’ll be able to see it in our vlog and see how much fun we were all genuinely having.

It was hilarious to see Danielle in a full length dress and bazooka half the size of her body running around the space. And then Jill schemed with everyone behind my back to shoot me in the first round instead of eachother! I’m really glad that everyone had a good time, it was awesome.

And giving gifts! I absolutely love giving gifts and loved seeing everyone’s reactions. I couldn’t wait to share the gifts I chosen with everybody weeks ago.

Then today I woke up so stoked because this is just the beginning. What we’ve done so far as a team has been fueled so much by gratitude and this overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the opportunity and for the experience.

I know that I say it over and over again, but who am I to have this experience?I knew when all of this started and the products were in demand that we could be successful and I could create this business, but who am I to do it? Who am I to touch the lives of our team and thousands of people in the Blue Ridge Nation? Who am I to have this opportunity?

Ultimately, I’m just grateful that we’re one step closer to where I want us to be, leading amazing lives while supporting all of you. Thank you, Blue Ridge Nation. We wouldn’t be here without you.

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