Gratitude Friday IV: Finding Success Through Sharing My Passion

Gratitude Friday IV: Finding Success Through Sharing My Passion
Will Oseroff transcribed by Danielle Schoen
Thinking back on this week, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Typically we talk about a lot of the things that I’m grateful for in regards to the business, but this week I really want to take some time to acknowledge the fact that I am so grateful for the individuals in my life who care about me and my wellbeing at a personal level.

I know that the people of the Blue Ridge Nation and my coworkers want for me to be fulfilled and to be well, but I’ve met all of those people through the business and that’s the context that they know me in. It’s great to know that people who knew me before the business care for me in that way. Continuing to cultivate relationships based around people knowing me for who I reallyam and caring for me based on who I really am is so important to me.

The time that I spent with my friends J.D. and Rachel this weekend was awesome. They knew me before BRH was a thing. J.D. was the first person to believe in BRH other than my mom or my girlfriend at the time or the people who were using the product (and they were believing because they got relief from the product, not because they believed in me).

J.D. is also the first investor in BRH, and that happened by accident.

It was early 2016 and I had started selling the products at farmers markets, or was just about to. I was getting ready to start making the patches for the first time and was going to need to start dropping money on that. It was getting to the point where I realized this could become a real business, but it was just me at that point. I had a vision, but I didn’t really know what the steps were going to be to get there. I for sure didn’t have the money that I needed to get there, and I was in a place where I knew that the business could grow and expand, but it was either going to take a short time or a long, long time getting there.

It was at this point that I was looking for someone to help me finance the business. I went to my best friend at the time and he told me he wasn’t interested in investing and thought that BRH wasn’t a good idea.

I needed to make some extra money so a few weeks later I ended up driving to Atlanta to help J.D. out. I was only going to stay for a night and then come back home, but I ended up getting stuck and staying out there for a week.

I had no desire or plan to talk to J.D. about investment but I was stuck at his house for a week and the one thing that was on my mind, the one thing I cared about, the one thing I was passionate about, was BRH. So I talked about it. A lot. I didn’t even bring more than two products with me, but I was able to share the two that I brought and I was able to talk about my why and the why of the business. I shared how passionate I truly was about BRH and how this was truly what I felt to be my purpose in life.

In that week, we didn’t talk in depth about the products or the effect that they would have on people or how much money we could make. We didn’t talk about any of the metrics or numbers, we talked about the reasons why.

By the end of that week, J.D. was asking me how he could get involved. I had told him about my previous investment conversation and he asked if I’d still be interested in someone investing. More importantly, he wanted to invest because of me, because he believed in me, and believed in my passion.

Two years later, we still don’t talk about numbers, or how much money we’ve made, or how much money he’ll put into his pocket. We talk about if I’m still passionate about this or if I’ve reached my goal of helping 100 millionpeople yet. Knowing that there’s someone in the organization who supports me like that is amazing.

It’s not something I consciously think about when I’m with J.D. and Rachel. Sometimes, when they’re here in Asheville, I get caught up in the stress of not being able to get work done. But when I take the time to reflect, I realize that I’m still so grateful for them and grateful that such a strong relationship is there.

Everytime J.D. is here he pulls me aside and says, “I’m proud of you, I still believe in you, I see what you’re doing with all of this”. I’m always in tears.

That’s why so many people have joined our community, because like J.D. they see the purposeand passion behind this work. And no matter what product we put out or what influencer we work with, I know that he is still focused on that passion. I’m grateful to have that relationship in my life. I’m grateful to have a friend who keeps believing in me for that passion and for who I am, not because the business is successful, but because he believes in me.

I hope that you get to wrap up your week in the company of friends who believe in you and your passions. I hope you know that you deservepeople who will support you along every step of your journey. Thank you for letting me share mine with you.


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