Gratitude Friday V: Another Sauce Song by Aha Gazelle

By Will Oseroff, CEO & founder of Blue Ridge Hemp

I’m mixing it up a little bit this week. In the past we’ve talked about different things I’ve been grateful for on certain days and different people that I’m grateful for. Today I want to share a song that I’m grateful for and have been listening to all the time, Another Sauce Song by Aha Gazelle.

One of the things that I’ve done throughout my life is listen to songs on repeat. I listen to a song over and over and become attached to it. It becomes the soundtrack of my life. I started listening to Another Sauce Song on repeat right before Christmas and it’s almost out now, I’m starting to think of other songs. So I thought now would be a good time to share and give you all some insight into what’s been on my mind through my most listened to song of the moment.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to share more songs that resonate with me and with members of our team (hint hint: new blog series coming soon!).

Another Sauce Song by Aha Gazelle

Throughout the whole song, the way that I see the word sauce being used is to describe all of the things that come along with having a business and living a life. No matter what’s underneath, the sauce is still on top. Life still comes at you and it never stops the challenges.

Nah this ain’t take long I’m finna do this real quick
Real quick, gimme, gimme a second
We gon go with Teryaki after this
I gotta eat clean now, well clean again
I had fell off a lil bit
But I’m still good
The sauce is still on me
It’s dripping and flowing
It looks like I’m bleeding

The last two lines are contradictory. I’m bleeding, so it looks like its all over and I’m not doing great, but I’m also dripping and flowing with all this goodness at the same time. People can either see the good or the bad on the outside because it’s visible, even if it doesn’t reflect the whole picture of where you’re at.

I don’t need consoling
I’m ravioli
Inside I’m beefing

The good stuff is on the inside, so even though you can see all of this good and bad sauce on the outside, I’m like ravioli because inside is where the good part is. This is also a play on words because inside is where I have a lot of beef within myself. I’m still dealing with my own internal demons and struggles.

Don’t try to control me
I’m not the old me

This really resonates. I think a lot of times in my life the relationships that I’ve had people know you at a certain point in your life and then think that they know you always. Then when you change they try to control because you’re not who they thought you were. 

I’m constantly changing, I’m constantly growing, I’m constantly progressing, and you can’t hold that back because that’s what I’m all about.

Outside I’m cheesing
I’m macaroni
But way more expensive man now I’m Poppone

Outside, though, I’m cheesing. I’m smiling, you can’t tell anything that’s going on. I’m macaroni is a reference to how when you’re poor you’re eating macaroni and then when you’re rich you’re eating better, like Popponne. So people might view me as this expensive macaroni but that’s not the case. I’m still the same me, just perceived a little differently, I haven’t actually gotten any fancier.

Who’s my opponent
They do not want it
You can’t destroy me

That’s something that I think about all the time, who are we up against? When it comes to business it’s these other big companies. But who are they? Ask me to name other CBD companies and I can maybe come up with 5. Our why, our mission, is so strong, which is why I don’t care. If their why was as strong as our why I would know who they were.

Every once in a while I get into that defensive mindset — we got this, nobody can get us — we have plenty of things that have come in and could have destroyed us but they didn’t. We’re still triumphant. But, at the same time, I have the self awareness to know that maybe I’m being naive or getting cocky. I need to be mindful.

I keep on scoring
It’s becoming alarming
Like I’m paying the goalie

We keep doing good, we keep winning, but at the same time it’s alarming to me because there’s got to be something that comes in and knock us off of our rocker at some point. And it’s becoming alarming to our opponents to watch us come up and succeed. It’s like being in a soccer game only against the goalie, you have no struggles up until the end at that last little line of defense, which may be the things within myself that are holding me back.

We pull up so deep
I brought the whole team
To hide that I’m lonely
But it’s an illusion

This really resonates. Nowadays when people think of Blue Ridge Hemp they think of the whole team, we’re rolling deep. I got all of these people behind me. But at the same time, while I have all these people who support me and my vision, I’m still beefing and I still have my struggles, and one of them is loneliness. Everything looks great on the outside, but inside there are still things to work on, still things I struggle with, and that’s okay.

I’m outche like Loki
But don’t get confused
I got some problems
But I’m gonna solve em
I don’t need yo knowledge
I don’t need yo help
I’ll do it myself
I don’t need a hand these the cards I was dealt

I 100% believe that I don’t need the help of others to solve my problems. I don’t like to take in other people’s point of views that don’t resonate with me. But over this past year I’ve realized that there are a few voices that I do resonate with and do want to listen to.

I’m working to get better about asking for help, while still always making sure that the voice of my intuition is louder than the voices of others.

That Cain got her feenin and if I am not able I guess I’ll just leave it to Seth
That’s a line you won’t get no disrespect
But y’all way too talkative
I’m fresh to death

Y’all way too talkative really stands out to me. There are always the people that are all talk, no action, no anything. I’m doing my thing. Y’all are talkative, I’m acting.

Don’t know what to call it
Cause I’m not a ref
Don’t look at Quincy Jones cause he not gonna help
I bought a microphone and nothing else

All it takes for him to do his thing is a microphone and nothing else. That’s the same for me with my business, when I started BRH I bought a notebook and nothing else because that’s all I needed. I still have that green notebook. I still run a pretty tight ship because I bring in the people and resources I need and nothing else, until that changes and then I bring in something else.

I’m not worried bout food cause I’m not a rapper
Aha a chef

Even when BRH lost all of our money, I was not ever worried about putting food in my stomach. My why is strong enough that if this were to fail I’d be all good because that passion and purpose would still be there and it would still be fueling me.

Taking shots like I’m Steph
I don’t know how much times on the clock
Ima make sure y’all hear me beat down the block

Something I think about all the time is that I am going to die someday. As morbid as that is, that’s something that I think about all of the time. I have to make every second count because of the legacy I want to leave and all that I want to achieve. I try to put as much intention into how I’ll be remembered as how I’m thought of in the present.

I won’t say I’m sorry when I’m not

Super resonates with me. Spring of 2016 I listened to a talk on pro-cabulary and that was something that they challenged us to do, instead of saying sorry, thank people. I could write a whole article on that and how that changed my life, made me a more positive person, and changed my interactions with people. So I’ll never say I’m sorry when I’m not, but I will say thank you all the time. That’s always going through my head.

This a reminder just in case you forgot
Go head!
What is yo issue?
Do you need some tissue?
Why you complaining?
Cause nothing is broken I’m paying you all of these tokens you trippin man what is you smokin

This is what really first resonated in this song for me. I went and listened to it again and was like, wow, this is literally how I’m thinking right now while dealing with a situation with a teammate. What is your issue? Why are you complaining? Nothing is broken. Nothing in the situation that we’re dealing with is broken, but maybe it’s not being done at the best capacity. I’m doing my best to support you, so this might be your own issue.

I know you not playing
That’s why I benched you

This is really diving into that situation that I’m dealing with. I know when someone is not playing to their best potential and they’re better than what they’re bringing to the table. We’re playing as part of a team, so we can’t have people playing their own games.

Don’t make me dismiss you
You see where I’m aiming at
Cause I gotta point to prove
And I’m not gonna miss you

You see where I’m aiming at, you see what my mission is and what I’m trying to accomplish. Is what your’e doing going to help with what I’m trying to accomplish? My point to prove is to fulfill my mission and my goals. I also have a point to prove in this business, I’m trying to build a culture within the business and create company values. If you’re not going to play by the rules you’re going to get put on the bench and given another chance.

I hang with the OG’s
It’s me and Ginobili
We grillin with Kobe
I’m still on the island with Master Roshi
The girls in the sand playing Volleyball called me want me to come over
They stay asking questions like “how tall are you?”
I don’t know taller than Yajerobi

“The girls in the sand playing volleyball” to me are people who are all of a sudden interested in me or my business now that it’s “cool”. People who would have never given me the light of day are now interested, but it’s not genuine. I’m not going to give my time to people who wouldn’t have given me the time of day before.

The sauce is still on me
It’s dripping and flowing
It’s looks like I’m bleeding
I’m doing fine
I’m wasting time
I’m ravioli
Inside I’m beefing
I’m drained and I’m leaking
But outside I’m cheesing
I’m macaroni

All the good stuff is there and all the bad stuff is there, but, at the end of the day, I’m doing fine. Ravioli, the good stuff, is on the inside but inside I’m also beefing, where the struggles are. A lot of times I do feel drained and I’m tired, but I’m leaking out and letting go of that beef all the time.

But way more expensive man now I’m Poppone
Now I’m Poppone
Now I’m Poppone
Now I’m Poppone

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. This is what I think about all of the time when I listen to this song and these thoughts have only ever been in my head. I’m grateful to get them out of my head, talk about them with someone I trust, and then share that process with all of you. 

I talk about mindset all the time, that mindset of gratitude, where my head is at. I look forward to looking backing at this as a reference to where my mindset was at this time in my life. As with every song I’ve ever resonated with, you can come back to it and remember where you were at during that time in life. For now, I’m grateful for that opportunity to reflect and to be able to share that with everyone.

What songs are keeping you motivated right now? Let us know in the responses below or send us a DM @blueridgehemp 🙏❤️🙏❤️

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