Gratitude Friday VII: Infinite Possibilities

Dictated by: Will Oseroff

Transcribed by: Danielle Schoen

Edited by: Alexa Bonsey

This morning we left Asheville for a trip to Austin, Texas. As you drive on the highway to the airport, you can see all of the North Carolina plates with the quote, “First in Flight.”

The Wright brothers labored for four years in relative obscurity, tirelessly experimenting with gliders on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, until they finally had their first successful plane flight in 1903.

The Wright brothers probably held the same philosophy of “infinite possibilities” as we do here at Blue Ridge Hemp Co. People said that their experiments would never succeed. They failed over and over again, and yet they kept trying.

They put in the hard work, and now look: people fly across the world.

Today, we are 40,000 feet in the sky flying across the country at 550 mph and no one blinks an eye.

Just like the Wright brothers who fought for four years to make their dreams come true, I’m four years into my journey and infinite possibilities are already coming to fruition.

We are heading to Austin for a trip that I never thought would be possible even a year ago.

This time last year I was messaging hundreds of people a day, dreaming that we would get even just one response.

I put in the hard work each and every day and it slowly started to pay off.

Eventually we started to get one response out of a hundred messages, then maybe five out of a hundred, and it kept getting incrementally better as time went on and as I kept at it!

Then I dreamed of working together and now we are off to make that happen.

Just like the Wright brothers, one day this feat will be treated like an everyday thing.

I just can’t tell y’all everything yet. . .

And as our journey continues, we will keep dreaming and speaking things into existence — and through these accomplishments we will discover even more infinite possibilities.

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