Gratitude Friday VII: Winner Friends

Dictated by: Will Oseroff

Transcribed by: Danielle Schoen

Edited by: Alexa Bonsey

I’m super grateful for the ways that our hard work over the past two months is playing out.

It’s been a time of building and planning, all the while focusing on the things that have been our core: community, relationships, conversation, and aligning our mission with the passions and purposes of others.

That’s been the core of Blue Ridge Hemp from the beginning and it’s continuing to be our core today.

One of the ways I see this core sustaining is through the relationships that are evolving from our work. Building these relationships and watching the way that everything is playing out ultimately proves the winner friend theory.

The winner friend theory states that bringing on one new winner friend, a friend who pushes you and inspires your growth, can change the entire trajectory of your life.

This can even mean dropping “loser” friends, the relationships that aren’t going to help you meet your end goals.

Some winner friends who have surprised me over the past few months are Matt, Kayleigh, and Daniel.

From left: Will and Matt. Photo by @linusandhiscamera

Matt, aka Influencer Digital, has created our Vlog, helped to strategize, and is now becoming our partner in a new venture.

Adding Matt to our team has changed the entire trajectory of our media production.

I’m grateful for that relationship and the way it will continue to influence both of our lives.

Our current production manager, Kayleigh, is a winner friend who continues to surprise me.

When she first came on the team, I didn’t know if she was going to be a long term player. Now she is a huge asset to the team and a person I truly consider family!

Recently, I went to Costa Rica to have fun with my winner friend Jill and step into a different perspective, and I unexpectedly met a new winner friend named Daniel.

Daniel was my Uber driver and became my tour guide throughout the trip. I met him on my first Uber ride from the airport and we then ended up spending 4 days hanging out and exploring Costa Rica.

That one ride changed the entire course of the trip.

All of this relationship building and planning with winner friends has also proved the value of our Selfishly Selfless philosophy.

I’m just doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. I focus on making myself happy through helping others, bringing winner friends onto the team, and changing their life trajectories.

Through this approach, we’re able to execute on new projects that wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t followed my heart from the start.

By being selfishly selfless, I’ve been able to empower the people who use our products and consume our content, the businesses with whom we collaborate, my teammates at BRH, and myself.

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