Gratitude Friday XII: Farms, Friends, and Shared Meals

Gratitude Friday XII: Farms, Friends, and Shared Meals

On this #gratitudefriday, we’re feeling grateful for community, especially the farmers who feed us and the friends who share food with us!

Bobby, who manages the Blue Ridge Hemp Farm

This week, we filled our plates with veggies and herbs from local farmers who devote their passion, knowledge, and labor to growing fresh, clean food. Thank you for dedicating yourselves to nourishing others, and for making our @cbdsuperfood meals extra delicious!

We are particularly grateful to Bobby from @blueridgehempfarm who tends some of the vegetables we use as well as the hemp that infuses our @cbdsuperfood products.

Thank you for being part of the Blue Ridge Hemp community and helping us grow even more!

And, finally, thank you to thefriends who will take time to sit together, enjoy a communal meal, and nourish our spirits.

We hope you will take time this weekend to share food with loved ones. Tag #cbdsuperfood and #blueridgehemp on Instagram to show us how you incorporate @cbdsuperfood products into your meal!

And check back soon for another recipe from this table. . .

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