The Story Behind @Gypsyloveflow, her Passion for Internal and Physical Healing, Yoga and CBD

As beautiful as her words on Instagram so is her soul and outlook on life. However, it has taken a lot of self-work and growth for Gab to get to the point she is at right now.

You may know her as @Gypsyloveflow on Instagram and may even be familiar with the insightful pieces of her soul she shares with her audience. That is how we first “met” Gab.

Perhaps you met her at one of her Power Yoga, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga classes in Miami. We certainly got to know Gab a little bit better speaking about some of her passions such as Yoga and her Private Lessons.

For the past four years, she has opened her reality to an entirely new world, full of awareness, mindfulness, healing, and yoga. Reading through her soul inspiring Instagram posts, this is easy to see, but what is the story behind the girl who talks about spiritual awareness, anxiety, loss, love, yoga, money, and everything in between?  

“I started writing as a teen and want to connect with as many people as I can.”

Back to the Beginning

Before Gab discovered all the benefits of yoga, she went to Art School for Fashion and worked in the industry for a couple of years. She even moved to Los Angeles not knowing a single person and worked the grind!

However, life traumas like an intense breakup drove Gab to try out yoga, and she loved how amazing she felt once she started her practice!

This was when she began to wonder if the fashion industry was serving her purpose in life.

Life’s Challenges

Unfortunately, once a tragic accident occurred to a good college friend, it opened her eyes to how precious and short life can be. Through the process of grieving, and trying to grasp the meaning of life, death, and purpose, Gab dove into the unknown. She left her fashion jobs, struggling to make ends meet, she knew she had to listen to her heart.

Listening to the Heart

After her loss and still grieving, Gab decided to complete her Yoga Teacher Training with Core Power Yoga in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and soon after she moved to Miami, with her intentions set on launching her yoga career.

Gab listened to her heart and has been spreading her passion for internal and physical healing and meditation through movement for two years in Miami. You can check out her classes at Exhale Spa or Equinox in Miami.

For those that prefer something a little more discreet and know that they will benefit from something more personal, Gab also teaches private lessons!

“It’s about not pushing yourself too hard.”

Gab has attended multiple yoga classes and loves participating in them. However, she shares how sometimes she would feel pain after the classes and that some teachers are prone to pushing students too far. Now she knows the focus is to listen to her body and not over-stretch or push herself or her students too hard.

“It’s about finding a balance and listening to your body.”

CBD Yoga Classes

Gab has also taught Blue Ridge Hemp Sponsored CBD Yoga Classes, and shared some feedback from her students with us that’s got us even more excited about our Sponsored CBD Yoga Program!

“Everybody said that the Headache & Stress Roll-On was really helping with their migraines.”

Gab shares how many of her students get Migraines and were sampling the CBD Infused Roll-on Essential Oil Blend Headache and Stress which contains the key ingredients Passionflower, known as a calming herb, and Peppermint Essential Oil, known to help open and close the vessels that promote blood flow. Research into migraines shows that one of the causes of the pain is the abnormal behavior of blood vessels and dilation of blood vessels.

The Headache & Stress Roll-On also contains the 99% pure CBD isolate used in the Blue Ridge Hemp product range.

Her students also loved the CBD Infused Roll-On Essential Oil Blend Joint Care since many of them have back & knee pain and responded well to this Essential Oil Blend Roll-On.

“Everybody just loved it!”

How Gab Incorporates Blue Ridge Hemp Products

Gab loves using the CBD Infused Organic Hand & Body Lotion all over. She gets flare-ups with her sciatica and lower back pain and uses the Hand & Body Lotion all over.

“It has really helped; it helps my muscles heal.”

With all her activity: yoga, stretching, sauna, and teaching, this is something she feels has been beneficial to her self-care routine.

“I use it on my legs, I use it on my hamstrings, I use it on my back.”

Looking to the Future

Gab has no intention of slowing down her passion for internal and physical healing and is also passionate about spreading awareness of the positive benefits alternative practices, treatments and methods such as Yoga and CBD have.

She lives and breathes yoga, spiritual and emotional letting go and connecting to her divine purpose and energy. She writes about spirituality, her own experiences, what it means to connect with what is going on internally and always aims to write in an easy to understand and open, honest way.

At Blue Ridge Hemp, we look forward to following her journey and reading more from her in the future!

We feel a strong connection to her passion as it aligns with our mission of empowering people through wellness and hope to continue to be a part of Gab’s wellness journey as she spreads the word about the necessity of internal and external healing and the benefits of Yoga and CBD.

“I think people are just really into alternative medicine right now and they just really want to feel good.”

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