Inside @foreveralwaysroxy’s world of playing piano, managing migraines, learning, growing and decreasing chronic pain with CBD

Inside @foreveralwaysroxy’s world of playing piano, managing migraines, learning, growing and decreasing chronic pain with CBD

As unique as her name, Roxyona is an individual in every right and form. But it hasn’t been as easy as 1,2,3 to get where she is today. Speaking to her, her positive energy not only radiates into your mind but into your day and life. She is one 22-year-old who has it all figured out, without necessarily having it ‘all’ figured out.

This becomes more prominent as we speak about her multitude of hobbies and passions and how she embraces the different growth phases of her life, always focused on learning and growing.

Roxy has had to deal with and overcome an array of things to become the sparkling woman she is today. She doesn’t elaborate much on everything she overcame, and this reflects her open and caring mindset about life; “It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, everybody’s all been through a difficult situation we don’t have to compare like who’s worse off and the person who has the biggest [problems or concerns]”.

The self-proclaimed “sporty” girl

Today, she works as a gymnastics coach and describes one of the favourite parts of her job as being able to not only teach children about gymnastics, but also being able to use gymnastics as a platform to teach them about life, motivating her students by explaining to them that “when you fall, you have to get back up”.

But gymnastics isn’t her only passion. Like many of us, she goes through great sprouts of growth in her life and embraces these times for what they are. She loves makeup and found a lot of inspiration through vegan, cruelty-free makeup Instagram accounts and products. There was a phase in her life when she used makeup much more as a form of expression than she does today. She still loves playing with special effects makeup and you can even find some videos on her YouTube channel where she discusses some of her favorite Vegan products!

Today, however, the confident, exuberant gymnast goes makeup-free most days and loves it. “I’m doing what I want to do for myself”.

She is in a space in life that she has worked hard to be at. One she hasn’t quite been in before. A place where she feels extremely balanced and rock solid in what she is doing. Going into situations, she feels confident knowing she has the ability to handle what life may bring across her path.

Roxy admits that things won’t always be perfect, but wise beyond her years, she confidently states that it is in how you handle the situation and keep pushing forward that really matters.

The other side of things

Not too long ago, Roxy’s story wasn’t necessarily as positive. Dealing with migraines, frequent knee injuries, insomnia and muscle aches and pains limited her optimal potential and she wasn’t necessarily as driven as she is today.

Of course, not only pain and chronic pain played a role in her drive and potential. She opens up about suffering from anxiety and depression while growing up. Not by any fault of her parents or how she was raised, but more the common pressure young people feel to be somebody that they aren’t.

Roxy elaborates how she had it difficult growing up, influenced by the incorrect crowd she was surrounded with and the pressure to be someone she wasn’t. She admits that she lost herself and who she was and that it has been a long 8-year journey for her to truly find herself.

In finding herself, the real version of Roxy, she has made the constructive decision to setup positive boundaries and excludes negativity from her life. She does not let negative people into her life and doesn’t let negative or unhealthy opinions affect her growth and development.

Now she can confidently share that she is in that space where she is truly herself, and she knows that she isn’t pretending to be who she is for other people. She is “doing me, for me”, participating in the things that matter to her and eliminating the things she doesn’t need in her journey.

Going cruelty-free and discovering Blue Ridge Hemp

A little more than a year ago, Roxy went vegan, inspired by her sister, she describes this whole life-changing journey as “the craziest experience of my life but [it] totally changed my life forever in the best way possible”.

Her sister had been vegan for a few months and what started out as a family meal at a vegan restaurant, Native Foods Café in Costa Mesa, California, turned into a life-changing experience for Roxy.

Initially, she decided to try and eat vegan for a day, and a day quickly turned into weeks, weeks into months and now, a little more than a year later we have the honor of discussing this life changing experience with her.

The truly extraordinary part is, had it not been for her going vegan, she might never have come across the Blue Ridge Hemp Instagram page during her vegan journey.

Other than going vegan by chance, she talks about how prior to deciding to go cruelty-free, she wasn’t eating well or working out and when she made that change, not only did she start to eat and feel healthier but she started working out more and had a completely new mindset.

“Food is medicine and medicine is food.” For Roxy, it has become all about what she puts IN and ON her body. This is what lead her to first purchase the Blue Ridge Hemp products.

Seeing that the products were all cruelty-free, NON-GMO, eco-friendly and vegan, coupled with the positive Instagram account and daily affirmations shared by our founder, Will, Roxy knew this was a company she had to try out!

Migraines & The Headache and Stress Blend

Right off the bat, we jumped into a deep conversation about migraines and the common misconception, “oh a migraine, you mean just like a headache” Roxy’s words echoes the line she and many other migraine sufferers have heard so many times before. Migraine is a neurological illness with no known cure and a lot of stigmas attached to it. Roxy started getting migraines in 8th grade and this year, discovering Blue Ridge Hemp, has been the first time she has been able to use a product that provides her with effective pain management.

Before discovering Blue Ridge Hemp, Roxy was taking around 800mg of Ibuprofen to try and combat a migraine. This would barely put a dent in her pain management. Now she uses the CBD infused Essential Oil Headache and Stress Roll-On and gets “instant relief”.

She has incorporated the products into her self-care routine and uses the CBD Infused Essential Oil Headache and Stress Roll-On every evening before bed as a preventative method to not wake up with a migraine or headache the following day.

So far it has proven to work for her as reports not getting the severe migraines and headaches she used to get prior to using the Blue Ridge Hemp products.

She also applies the roll-on every morning and keeps them in her purse. Their small size makes it convenient to carry wherever she goes, and she can easily slip it out and apply it to her forehead, temples, and neck at the first sign of a headache.

At night, she takes extra care to massage the Essential Oil blend into her temples and neck, and since using the Headache and Stress Roll-On, there have only been two accounts of it not working for her.

One was at the very beginning, and one more recently, when she woke with pain too advance.

“…it’s crazy. I can’t even explain it, I know it sounds so weird, but before using the roll-on, I still would get migraines. I still — I’d have a headache every single day, even if it wasn’t a migraine, it still felt really bad. And that just wasn’t fun, and I was still taking medication, and sure it was suppressing it a little bit, but it wasn’t fully helping it. Now since switching to the roll-on, I don’t have headaches anymore. I feel like I can go through the entire day without having to worry about having a headache.”

Multiple knee Injuries & the Muscle Care Roll-On

Roxy started doing gymnastics when she was two and has been active all her life, from doing cheerleading, swimming, and dance, she is not one to sit still. Of course, with a lot of activity and especially being a gymnastics coach, comes the risk of injury. Which she has had her fair share of.

She almost fractured her kneecap and have had so many knee injuries that it has become an inside joke between her family and friends “oh, she hurt her knee again!” she laughs as she describes their jokes.

She shares that dealing with the knee injuries have been easier emotionally, compared to her migraines, because people can see the injury; however, that doesn’t mean the pain is any less. She uses the CBD Infused Essential Oil Blend Muscle Care Roll-On on her knees and describes the effect of the roll-on as the feeling of her muscles letting go and relaxing while feeling the pain drifting away!

Insomnia go away

You’d think migraines and multiple knee injuries coupled with muscle aches and pain are enough, but Roxy had suffered from insomnia even before she started getting migraines.

Insomnia and migraines are a very dark combination, since, with the one, the other only gets worse if you cannot treat either properly. But luckily, as she shared, the valerian root found in the Essential Oil Blend Headache and Stress Roll-On helps her with her insomnia as well.

“It’s so crazy how something so natural can be so healing and has changed my life.” — Roxy on the Essential Oil Blend Headache and Stress Roll-On and how it has helped reduce the frequency of her pain, migraines, and headaches.

What about fun & games?

With all this ‘pain,’ one might think, what does she do for fun? And there has never been quite a more opportune moment to say “everything”! Roxy is a lover of all genres of music, plays the piano daily and loves art. She practices yoga every morning, and for her, what it really comes down to is expressing herself. She admits that without all this she might just go “crazy”.

She is also a talented photographer and loves documenting the special moments in her life via photography and videos, you can check out her Vimeo account here and her Instagram account here. Instagram is where she just does her. Roxy.

This is where you see the growth sprouts and interests that come (and stay) in her life, how she evolves and how she is ever-changing. Again, her Instagram reverberates her motto of learning and growing.

Inspiration overload

I cannot emphasize enough the positive vibes that Roxy radiates. Her mindset is open, positive and kind-hearted. She is a warm and welcome ear to her friends and happy to always listen to and share her advice with them, based on the journey she has been through.

Talking with Roxy was as much inspirational as it was fun, and there are quite a few positive affirmations she shared, that not only emits her vibe, but I feel it is important to share with the entire Blue Ridge Nation, the most important is probably one that resonates deeply with the Blue Ridge Team, our founder Will (who happens to be one of Roxy’s top Instagram Inspirational accounts!) and always her go-to motto:

“Always learning and always growing no matter what you do, I feel like that is the number one and most important thing in life, to constantly learn and constantly grow…when you stop learning and growing, there is no purpose.”

And one last piece of wisdom from the ever-growing @foreveralwaysroxy; “Once you are confident in yourself and you believe in yourself, there’s nothing that can stop you. There’s nobody that can stop you.”

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