Mantra Monday

Author: Joe Lizz

Editor: Danielle Schoen

Happy Monday Blue Ridge Nation!!!!

I am super excited to be bringing something new to all of y’all starting TODAY! Each Monday we will be dropping a short and sweet blog post to help you kickstart your week with a “make moves” attitude! Whether it’s meditation and mantras, quotes for a little inspiration, or just a few words of encouragement, let’s make every Monday just as great as every Friday!

This week we invite you to cultivate your own personal mantra.

Your mantra can be anything that you’d like. It can be a singular word or short phrase. You can even have multiple mantras that you interchange depending on the situation and what you’re experiencing at any given moment. Choose something that takes root in your soul with deep meaning to where you are in your own journey through life.

For me, my go-to personal mantra is “I trust me”.

It reminds me that ultimately, I am in control. That I can calm myself, that I can endure all things. Make your mantra personal to you and your journey. Some examples to build from could be:

Breathe, believe, be.
I can. I will.
Everything is possible.

Once you have your personal mantra, we invite you to find a quiet and comfortable space and take a few deep breaths repeating your mantra. You can repeat it verbally or merely in your mind until you feel a sense of calmness and sense of self.

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