Mantra Monday II: Reflecting on 2017

Mantra Monday II: Reflecting on 2017

Author: Joe Lizz

Editor: Danielle Schoen

Happy Monday Blue Ridge Nation!

And just like that, it is already time to say good-bye to 2017! Whether this was the year you planned, or you fell a few steps behind, I hope you are grateful to have lived every day of it! This year was a HUGE year for #teamblueridgehemp with new projects coming to fruition, new products being brought to life, and our own team expanding. 2017 has been the year of manifesting our goals AND making moves to make them happen.

What better way to end the year than taking some time to reflect in gratitude for all we’ve been given?!

Whether it’s the lessons we’ve learned (even those life has handed to us the hard way) or those macro wins, finding gratitude for all things is a great way to end one chapter and being the next.

Joe Lizz’s 2017 Gratitude List:

On the top of my list is of course the Blue Ridge Nation! I’m grateful to have not only joined the team at Blue Ridge Hemp Co and to have connected with so many of our CBD yoga instructors, but I’m also grateful to have connected to every person who makes up the Blue Ridge Nation. Everyone who reads our blogs, leaves us feedback, watches our livestreams, participates in our giveaways. It’s because of all of YOU that we are successful and filled with so much gratitude each and every day!
My son started school this year and we have a very rough and rocky start. He wasn’t adjusting well the first several weeks, and even at 5 we had issues with bullies in his class. Although it was challenging, and I ugly cried, A LOT, I’m grateful for the patience it taught me, the strength and compassion it taught my son, and the deeper bond it forged between both of us.
I am always grateful for all the connections I make thanks to Instagram and the wonderful world of social media platforms. And this past year I FINALLY got the opportunity to meet my best friend, who I originally only knew through Instagram and our daily facetime dates, in person not only once, but twice! She’s my human, the person who is never afraid to tell me the truth (even if it’s something I really don’t want to hear) or when I need to chill out.

Earlier this fall I shared a post on my own personal Instagram account with this caption:

“Gratitude doesn’t require some grand gesture, demand great attention, ask for extraordinary effort. Sometimes, it’s as simple as holding a leaf in your hand and being moved by both the beauty in the leaf itself and the beauty in the journey it took to find its way to you.”

Even when we don’t think we could possibly ever be grateful for the harder moments in life, eventually that little light of gratitude can be found in all things.

So, Blue Ridge Nation, what are YOU grateful for?

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