Mantra Monday III: 2018 Is Our Year

Author: Joe Lizz

Editor: Danielle Schoen

Happy New Year Blue Ridge Nation!

Welcome to 2018!! Let’s take some time today, right now, to remind ourselves that we can manifest our hopes and dreams and make moves, whether it’s a new year, your birthday, or a random Tuesday afternoon.

You don’t need to wait for a certain date on the calendar or the perfect time to start, because things will never be perfect and all you’ll be doing is pushing back some potentially epic magic from entering your life.

Life waits for no one and success comes to those who get out there and work hard for it. The dreamers who also DO.

If you’ve followed us on Instagram for any length of time then you’ve probably heard us talk about setting intentions A LOT. While resolutions are a great place to start (I myself started my yoga practice 5 years ago as an early New Year’s resolution) we want you to focus on your intentions as you head into 2018. What is your purpose for the year? What attitude will you take with you in this new year to meet both success and adversity with?

Last year I set my intention for 2017 with the simple word: compassion.

I used it in my daily mantras, meditated on the idea, and have allowed it to take root, integrating it into my mind and my actions. Compassion allowed me to stay open and follow my heart.

When I reflect back on the year, I learned through compassionin all situations that the people we meet in life who are the least kind to us need to be greeted with kindness the most.

For 2018 my intention is to let go of other people’s opinions of me in and instead embrace my messy and imperfect way of living in my own happiness.

“Our intentions create our reality” -Wayne Dyer

So, Blue Ridge Nation, what do you want your 2018 reality to look like?

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