Mantra Monday IV: Journaling & Self Care

Mantra Monday IV: Journaling & Self Care
Author: Joe Lizz
Editor: Danielle Schoen

We spend a lot of time here at Blue Ridge Hemp talking about self care. In fact, we love when people show themselves love so much that we’ve dedicated an entire #BRHSELFCARESUNDAY day and giveaway to it, and we HIGHLY recommend self care be practiced 365 days of the year! On Self Care Sunday, we talk about how our team practices self care and invite our community to share with us how they are showing love to themselves in order to help inspire other people to care a little bit more about themselves, so that we can all care a heck of a lot more about those around us.

This Mantra Monday, we invite you to practice self care with us!

An important part of self care is reflection and personal growth. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, no one wants to sit down and reminisce on how they didn’t meet goals or how they lost a relationship, but to grow we must reflect on both the good and the bad and be vulnerable with ourselves. For me, one of my favorite self care rituals for reflection and growth is to write.

Journaling is an amazing way to allow emotions to flow (and let go) and keep a record of both the times that didn’t make the highlight reel as well as your biggest successes. When we put pen to paper (or fingers to phone screen) we allow ourselves to be raw in the moment, writing exactly how we feel, knowing that we aren’t potentially being judged by others. It gives us a safe space to reflect, to feel, and to speak our truth, so that a day, a week, a month, a decade later we can look back and remember where we once were and appreciate both what we’ve had as well as how far we’ve come.

Below are a few journal prompts if you’re stuck and don’t know where to start. We hope that they give you a much-needed dose of self care and help you reground in your own magic.

Think about a big accomplishment from last year. How did you get there? What obstacles did you overcome and how did you overcome them? This journal prompt is a great way to look at how we overcome what life throws at us and understand if it’s effective or if we can improve in how we handle less than perfect situations.
Write about one thing you can do to help you relax and have fun after a stress for day. It’s important to take care of ourselves when we are focusing heavily on self-improvement. Even when we are working towards improving the negative it’s important to practice self love and not be too hard on ourselves.
What is your own personal life philosophy and what are you doing every day to ensure that you are living it?

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