Mantra Monday IX: Be Here, That’s Enough to Create a Spark

Mantra Monday IX: Be Here, That’s Enough to Create a Spark

Author: Joe Lizz

Editor: Alexa Bonsey

Lately, I’ve found myself extraordinarily uninspired. The time I usually spend writing or thinking up new content to create is often spent wondering why nothing is coming to mind, and then trying to pressure myself into creating something out of nothing.

We are constantly in a go-go-go state of mind and, at times, contentment seems more like a disease than a normal part of life.

In my life, I feel the pressure to consistently come up with eloquent words to pair with beautiful “Instagram-worthy” photos, otherwise I am no longer “current” or “keeping up.”

It’s important to remember that creativity takes time, and it sometimes occurs without our knowing that anything is happening at all.

We tend to try to rush the process, to always be looking forward, and so often that causes us to miss moments that can cultivate a lot of magic for us.

Explore for the Sake of Exploring

Put on your shoes or hop in your car and go with no destination in mind and no end goal. Go explore the world around you solely for the sake of taking in fresh sights and sounds, and going alone on the path less traveled.

I spend a lot of time going out and shooting new content for social media, but I also make it a habit to spend at least 1 day every other week — if not every week — going out and doing nothing but feeling and seeing and listening to mother nature.

I walk until my legs get tired and then I sit and watch the world go by.

Being present is a rare gift in today’s world and we miss a lot of beautiful things because we are so busy, or we think that the small details or “little things” don’t matter. Make time to see and hear and breathe in even the smallest of moments.

Don’t Limit Yourself

“Creativity stirs within the soul when you believe that everything is possible, and nothing can limit you” — yours truly (Joe Lizz)

One of the greatest tragedies in life is watching people put limitson themselves and their abilities. They become set in their ways; they talk themselves into believing they can’t be good at something or they’re only good at one thing, and they stick with that mentality for years or decades.

Creativity doesn’t have limits, and neither should you.

Being passionate about and talented at something doesn’t mean you stop seeking out other things in life to push you and help you grow and evolve.

Lack Time

Don’t worry about how much time has passed, whether you are meeting someone else’s ideal timeline goals, or anything else time related, and just live and let creativity come to you.

Stop pressuring yourself to create x by x and instead allow the creativity of the world to come grow in your heart and soul instead of trying to replant it there from somewhere else.

Creativity when transplanted is never as sweet and lush as when it sprouts with fresh roots.

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