Mantra Monday V: Creating Your Best Year

Mantra Monday V: Creating Your Best Year

Author: Joe Lizz

My mantra for the day: “Be gentle to myself.” 

 We’ve set our intentions for the year (and for some of us we’ve set our resolutions) and now it’s time to make sure we set ourselves up for long-term success. According to research conducted at the University of Scranton, only about 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals each year, and we want to add to your toolbox some tools we have found useful to not fall into that 92%.

Accountability Partner

If you’ve followed us on Instagram for awhile I’m sure you’ve heard Will talk about putting things out into the universe in our stories or livestreams. This is one of my personal favorite ways to set myself up for success, by creating an accountability network. Whether you tell one person, or announce it on social media, it adds a sense of responsibility and obligation.

Commit to one long-term goal at a time

Long term goals require just that, a long-term commitment of time and energy, and a lot of times they require us to make changes in deeply rooted habits. Set one long-term goal at a time so that you can focus and commit to the time and work needed to be successful without being sidetracked or getting caught up in completing other goals that demand an equal amount of your attention.

Break your big goal or intention into smaller goals

This year I set the intention to put less worth on what others think or say about me and live my life for me, and I’ve started with one section of my life at a time. Right now, I’m focusing specifically on Instagram by not engaging with those who leave me negative comments (even engaging in a compassionate way) and instead committing to blocking them and moving on. Next month, I’ll extend that into my Facebook interactions, followed by other social media outlets, and eventually into my in-person interactions with others. Take the “baby steps” approach and create smaller goals that add up to the big picture that allow you to feel success from start to finish. 

Identify obstacles you may encounter

When I first started my yoga practice as a New Year’s resolution 5 years ago, it was part of a “healthier, lighter me” resolution. I weighed around 200–210 pounds and I wanted to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. When I committed I knew from the start it would be challenging because some of my favorite foods were not resolution-friendly. Identify obstacles that may arise and make a plan to overcome them. For me, it was sweets, and I immediately tore my house apart and tossed them all in the trash, and had someone else grocery shop for me for the first month so I wouldn’t be tempted to bring new junk food into the house. When we are honest with ourselves and the fact that it won’t be easy and that problems will arise, we give ourselves the ability to overcome those problems before they ever become obstacles.

No matter your intention or resolution for the New Year, we, the Blue Ridge Nation, are a family, and we are here to support you, encourage you, and cheer you on.



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