Mantra Monday VIII: Grow. Evolve. Repeat.

Mantra Monday VIII: Grow. Evolve. Repeat.

Author: Joe Lizz

Editor: Alexa Bonsey

You aren’t under any obligation to remain the version of yourself that you are right now. Reaching a certain point in life (whether in age, employment status, relationship status, parenthood, etc.) doesn’t mean you suddenly stop growing and evolving with every new experience and challenge you face. You are also under no obligation to grow along the same path as someone else.

We all live distinctively different lives and need to follow different paths to find our own true north and live happily.

Be Confident in Being Y-O-U

If I had to pick an all-time favorite life lesson, this one would make the short list for potential winners. While it is challenging to find certainty in being a one-of-a-kind individual, that diversity is what makes life so beautiful. Different opinions, outlooks, and life origins all meld together to create the beautiful fabric of humanity. Be confident in your uniqueness and what it offers to the world and those around you. Embrace who you are, how you came to be, and who you will continuously evolve and grow into.

Set a Goal, Then Another, Then Another

We grow from the day we are born until the day our human existence ceases. Set goals for yourself that allow you to achieve them while creating even more goals. Pushing ourselves, challenging ourselves, and working towards bigger things promote a constant growth on an emotional, physical, and mental level.

When we have something to work toward, something to direct our path — even only briefly — it’s easier to keep moving forward.

Be Kind to Yourself

We talk about this a lot in the Blue Ridge Nation: self-care, self-love, being kind to ourselves. These are important steps in nurturing and nourishing ourselves in almost every experience in life.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel stuck sometimes, fail to meet a goal, or don’t change in the ways you had hoped you would.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you look at the people in your lives and where they are heading and how far they’ve come. Again, this is YOUR journey, and this journey is unique to you. None of us started at the same place at the same time with the same circumstances, we can’t expect to end up at the same place either.

So, Blue Ridge Nation, are you different now than you were when you first started reading?

That’s a pretty beautiful thing isn’t it?

That little stir in the soul of change.

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