Mantra Monday XI: It's Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

Mantra Monday XI: It's Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

Author: Joe Lizz

Editor: Alexa Bonsey

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. 

And it can’t be. 

Just like everything else in life, there must be balance; we must ebb and flow like the sun and the moon.

There is poetic beauty in the simplicity of that balance. We fill our hearts and souls with happiness from our greatest days, and from our worst we build strength and courage.

Within every moment, we constantly grow and evolve into newer versions of ourselves.


- Comparisons Can Be Toxic

Every single human being lives a human life, and with humanity comes moments in which we are tested, moments from which we learn great compassion and understanding, and moments from which we rise up strong.


It is very easy to see other people, particularly on social media, and feel inferior. 

We see them traveling the world, buying expensive luxuries, epically in love. 

We often forget that for most people, social media is a highlight reel where the raw and vulnerable moments rarely (if ever) make a guest appearance.


But those moments — the sitting in the shower crying, the bad break-ups, the missed flights and traveling stress — those “what-if” moments, they happen even to those who choose not to share them with the world.


Comparing ourselves to others is toxic; it cultivates negativity

Find inspiration in people, but don’t lose your sense of self worth while watching only their best-of-the-best moments.


- Embrace Adversity

Pain, difficulty, heartbreak, misfortune, hardships, sorrow, tribulations: these are all trials that we need to experience, and what better way to learn and evolve from our journey than to do it with an open heart and mind. 

Feel the feels, so to speak.

This is one of my personal favorite parts of my yoga practice. While moving my body, I also allow my emotions and feelings to flow just as freely.

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s important that it is felt: it’s the universe’s way of telling you that you still have time to grow and learn and your journey is not done.


- Find the Good in Every Situation

When you’re facing hardships ask yourself this question: “What about this could be good?”

There is something good in every situation, no matter how small it may be.

We have two options when we face adversity: we can allow our emotions to be our immediate reaction, or we can choose the attitude with which we wish to respond after taking pause and giving it thought.


Think back to the last break-up you went through: did you allow the wave of self-pity, anger, and anxiety to cause you to react irrationally? To say or do things you would never do if you stopped and thought first before acting?

Or did you allow your soul to silently heal as you saw the situation as a sign that you were meant for something different, something better?


- It’s Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

. . .but it’s not always clouds and thunderstorms, either. Be in the moment, feel the sadness when you are sad and the happiness when you are happy. It’s okay to live an imperfect human life.

It’s the life you’re supposed to be living.


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