Mantra Monday XXI: A "Not Mantra" Monday

Mantra Monday XXI: A "Not Mantra" Monday

Author: Joe Lizz

Happy Monday Blue Ridge Nation!

Today I’m going to do something a little different for Mantra Monday, a “not mantra” Mantra Monday, if you will — because I’m a rebel, and I believe in honoring where you are, and because my favorite part of writing a Mantra Monday blog is that it always comes from an experience or feeling in my own life the week prior.

This past week I’ve found myself getting annoyed at my lack of commitment to the things I enjoy.

Reading, writing, walking — I’ve done none of it. And then I realized that I should take my own advice and MAKE time for the things that I enjoy.

By constantly working and caring for my family and those around me, and not caring for myself, I am making it harder for me to be productive, not easier. I’m making it less likely for me to get things done because I’m constantly feeling annoyed and unfulfilled.

So this week, I want you to make extra time for something you’ve been neglecting that makes you happy.

Not something you feel obligated to do, not even something you need to do, but something you want to do. Something that’s just for you.

It can be something as small as enjoying a cup of coffee alone in the morning before taking the kids to school (mom dreams am I right?) or as big as hiking up a mountain to catch the sunset.

We spend so much of our adult lives just “getting by”. We balance schedules, work, classes, family life, personal life, relationships.

We put our all into making a living and making sure those around us are happy and their needs are met that so often we forget that we also deserve that same time and attention from ourselves.

We also deserve to be happy and have our needs be met. So this week, take the time to make yourself happy, take the time to nourish your own body and soul, take the time to do something just for you, or to do nothing at all.

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