Mantra Monday XXIX: Leave Gratitude Where You Grow

Mantra Monday XXIX: Leave Gratitude Where You Grow

Author: Joe Lizz

Gratitude is one of the greatest “feel good” exercises, yet it is so often overlooked and under-appreciated.

It’s a simple expression of both self love and love for what we have in our lives. It can help us overcome hurdles that seem impossible or days that seem like they’ll never end, and remind us that we have more good than bad in our lives.

It’s hard to be unhappy, to hurt, to feel sorrow, when we are focusing on gratitude. It helps us grow, open our hearts, and expand our minds on the path we are walking by awakening our inner selves and promoting personal growth.

When you think of gratitude your mind may automatically jump to a grand gesture or experience, but gratitude can be found in any and every experience big or small.

Gratitude for even the most difficult experiences is transformative and asks us to find growth and healing amidst pain so that we can ultimately find acceptance and move forward.

Just like we can pour from an empty glass, we can pick from an empty garden. Where you find gratitude in life, replant the seed for others. Where you find kindness, leave kindness. Where you are met with understanding instead of judgement, leave understanding.

Love, compassion, and forgiveness are all intricate parts of our own wellbeing, and gratitude is similarly part of us — sowing the seeds of gratitude in our own hearts and leaving some behind in the garden of humanity also promotes a greater overall wellbeing.

Gratitude. Even the word, breathing it in slowly, fills my heart and soul.

Gratitude is where I ground myself every morning and evening, and what I remind myself of when I’m having a no good, very bad day. It allows me to seek growth while always having a safe place to call home. Where gratitude comes from, gratitude must also grow.

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