Mantra Monday XXV: If You Need Help, Ask

Author: Joe Lizz

Mantra Monday has become a way of keeping a small history of my week — my thoughts, my struggles, my successes, my growth. Each Mantra Monday blog I write is inspired by my own personal life the week before.

Sometimes those moments are filled with happiness, and sometimes they’re filled with sorrow, but every one of them is powerful and worth remembering. 

This week, I was reminded of the importance of not always carrying your burden(s) alone and asking for help when you need it.


My son lost his very first tooth, and while we celebrate this milestone, it brought up the pain of having lost a child a couple of years ago. 

As the pain took root, I realized it was greater than normal, and was a pain that I couldn’t face alone.

I reached out to my friends, my “chosen family” to support me, to listen to me, to comfort me. It was like coming home in different souls, finding warmth and love and compassion in the hearts of others. It was the beauty within the tragedy.


As a whole, I believe that humanity is good, and that people are good, and they WANT to help. We are typically social beings, craving interactions with others, and the ability to band together.

“It takes a tribe” doesn’t just apply to the raising of children, but to the raising of our vibrations as a community as well. 

People are in your corner. They are ready and waiting to be there for you as you’ve been there for them. But people are not mind readers.


Part of receiving help is humbling yourself enough to ask for it.


Reaching out is part of the growth in struggling. As someone who feels greater than most and sometimes struggles with her empathy being overwhelmingly deep, I also know that struggles sometimes need to be fought through in silence.

Respecting someone’s need for solitude can make it hard to realize when they need help if they don’t reach out and ask for it. Never assume that people don’t want to help you if you haven’t made that need known.


I don’t know the “history” behind the idea that asking for help somehow makes you weak or incapable, but I wholeheartedly disagree. 

We live in a global commUNITY for a reason, to ebb and flow together, to grow and evolve with those around us, to push others so they can help push us. 


You are not weak for seeking help, comfort, or support from your tribe — you are merely human.

— — — 

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