Mantra Monday XXVI: Embrace the Bad

Mantra Monday XXVI: Embrace the Bad

Author: Joe Lizz

Embrace the bad so you can grow, and so that you can appreciate the good when it comes.

Last week, I was talking to a friend of mine about how I wasn’t having a good week and it seemed like far more bad was happening than good.

Later that day he shared on Facebook a video where a man shared stories from other people’s really bad days (like falling into crocodile infested waters and having to swim to shore) and how when they were asked about the experiences they responded with things like: it could have been worse, it build character, I learned so much.

The obvious lesson to take away from the video was of course: my day could be far worse.

But the deeper lesson I took away from the video was that when we embrace the less-than-great moments in our lives, we also embrace the opportunity for both change and greater appreciation in the future.

A big part of life is learning to embrace life on life’s terms. Embracing the challenges, the competition, the negativity, the fear, the people who have let you down just as much as you embrace the love, joy, and successes.

When you’re having a bad day, ask yourself how much will today affect you tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Will you remember the bad hair cut or the dropped coffee mug? Will it impact your well-being? And if it will, how will that help you grow? How can you rise above it? What can you learn from this experience and apply it to the next?

There is always some good within the bad, some light within the darkness, some positivity in the seemingly never-ending negativity of life.

Sometimes the “good” is the wisdom we learn that we wouldn’t have learned without that experience.

Sometimes the “light” is that we can better help those in our lives when they face dark times of their own.

And sometimes the positivity is being able to help others avoid what we have experienced or better cope themselves when facing tragedies.

The hardness of life can help soften your heart. The cruelty can teach us the importance of compassion.

The moments that challenge us, that make us question ourselves and our beliefs, are the moments we can build ourselves into a better version of ourselves.

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