Mantra Monday XXVII: Love Yo Self

Author: Joe Lizz

1. Love Yo Self

Love yourself loudly, unapologetically, shamelessly.

You deserve to hear that you are loved, you deserve to feel that you are loved, you deserve to be LOVED.

Self love is the best love, the most important love, the love we draw from to spread love into the world around us.

2. Make time for yourself

Putting yourself first doesn’t make you selfish.

It doesn’t mean you’re unaware of the needs of others, it simply means that you recognize that in order to pour from your cup you must also spend time filling it first.

Make time for the things that set your soul on fire, that make you feel cherished and unique. The things that are luxuries to you.

They don’t have to be grand experiences; curl up with a good book, take a bubble bath or a nap.

3. Forgive yourself

Understand that you’re imperfect and that’s okay.

Being human doesn’t require perfection, it requirescompassion, love, and forgiveness, for ourselves as well as for others.

Learn from your mistakes and let them go.

Forgive yourself so you can learn to forgive others. Forgive yourself so you don’t waste the present living in the past.

4. Stop apologizing for being yourself

Break the rules. Refuse to be placed inside a box. “Society’s” expectations are not your expectations. Others’ opinions of you don’t define you.

You weren’t born to be the person someone else wants you to be. You weren’t meant to live the life someone else sees for you. Own who you are and love that person, live the life that makes YOU happy, and don’t apologize for making yourself a priority.

Loving others is the easy part.

We seek out those who have qualities we desire. People who are strong, smart, determined, driven.

We seek people who will compliment us, who strengthen and balance the areas in which we ourselves are weak.

But loving ourselves is far more important, and far more challenging. Repeat after me: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

— — —

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