Mantra Monday XXVIII: Be Convenient When It’s Inconvenient

Mantra Monday XXVIII: Be Convenient When It’s Inconvenient

Author: Joe Lizz

I talk a lot about taking care of ourselves and our own well-being. Nourishing our own mind, body, and soul.

Self care benefits ourselves, and also ensures that our soul cup is full to pour into others.

So to start this week, I want to plant the seed of helping others, even when it comes at a time when helping others isn’t easy or feels tough to fit on your to-do list.

Even when it’s not convenient, compassion and kindness are a necessary expression of love.

The art of friendship, of any relationship, requires it be a “two-way” street. To be the supported and supporter, the loved and the lover, the talker as well as the listener.

This balance promotes growth within you and your friend, because it is one of the biggest strengths you can have outside of family.

True friendship and compassion require selflessness. True friends love and support you unconditionally and choose you as part of their family.

Make the people in your life a priority, make nurturing your relationships a priority.

Have you ever needed someone and felt like you had no one to call upon for support because everyone in your life is busy, working, raising a family, and/or dealing with problems of their own? You probably didn’t reach out and instead muddled your way through the rough part in your life alone.

It was probably hard, lonely, and something you would prefer not to repeat.

Like most things in life, the tougher the journey, the greater the lesson. Take those feelings with you and remember them when a friend or loved one reaches out to you in time of need when you are busy.

Ask yourself: are you REALLY too busy to listen? To care? To support?

Make yourself present the ones you love, and reach out to people when you need them to be present to you.

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