Self Care Sunday II: Surrendering to Self

Self Care Sunday II: Surrendering to Self

Author: Danielle Schoen

Editor: Alexa Bonsey

Self care is intimately woven into the fabric of my life. When asked to write this blog on self care, I first began thinking of the little rituals that are woven into the fabric of my days: journaling, yoga, reading, meditation, hiking, taking baths, skinny-dipping…

As I reflect on each of these practices, I realize that they are meaningful to me because they allow me to connect to my true nature.

These practices help me return to myself.

When I spend time in nature, get lost in creating a meal, or find deliberate moments to dive into my spirituality, I am able to quiet my mind and connect to that space within myself that is slow, honest, and sure. The part of me that is spiritual and ethereal yet deeply connected to the rhythms of the earth, and even more deeply connected to the presence of love within. My true nature.

These are the practices that bring me back to my authentic being.

These are the moments when I feel absolutely free to live my truth. I don’t have to be anything or do anything but simply exist and be present for all that is before me.

Self care is a reclamation of my true self.

The fears, judgments, and anxieties that keep me from this true nature can sometimes feel consuming.

This is the part of me that is acutely aware of how I present myself to others and how they might perceive me, overwhelmed by shallow concerns — seeking perfectionism and external approval, seeking outward beauty and viewing myself and the world through judgmental, fearful eyes.

This egoic aspect of myself can become so consumed by self doubt, without stopping to recognize that the planet is full of beings who have also experienced pain and are ready to love and be loved.

My daily self care consists of deliberate practices and unplanned moments that move me away from the part of myself that is consumed by judgment and expectation and into the part of me that thrives on curiosity, humility, and hope. Curious as to my place in the world, humbled by my connections to this earth and to others, hopeful that I can be of service.

Every day, self care is a return to the space within my soul that asks me to be kind rather than pretty, inspires me to be joyful rather than perfect, and seeks to see myself and others through eyes of love rather than judgment. For me, self care is a time of slowing down and remembering these hidden truths.

It is a time of surrendering to my Self.

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