Self Care Sunday IV: The Fruits of Discomfort

Author: Lydia Marquis

Editor: Alexa Bonsey

Self care is feeling the sun and wind collide to take hold of me right as I’m almost at the summit, tired and eager for the rewarding view.

It is feeling weak in the moment and rising above that feeling to remind myself of all that is waiting ahead for me.

It is arriving at the top with the predisposition that discomfort offers fruitful rewards.

As it does.

As it always does when you push yourself to those peak states, the moments of exhilaration that restart your being.

The work you give to better your life is directly linked to the self love you have.

Self care is stepping away from something that does not support you or help you in the ways you need. It’s about letting go of things that mean the most in a certain head space, pushing forward to realize that they only meant something because they kept you kindly and blindly cradled, while standing still.

It’s when the darkness tugs, tricking you to sit within the thoughts that prove to be unproductive.

The thoughts that crave your settlement.

Self care is rising above depression and anxiety to pursue the things that reveal the light. The kind of love that requires work, the kind of care that isn’t easy but offers bountiful rewards, reaching all aspects of life.

It is loving yourself enough to recognize the toxicity in your life, and making a change. Having the courage to make a change in a society that is addicted to the habitual patterns of comfort.

Self care is waking up at 6am to drag myself out of bed to move my body, stretch or run, to pound out the anxieties that I simply cannot control.

It’s coming home from a day of working my ass off with my work and pursuits, to run a piping hot bath and remind myself to breathe through this process because it isn’t easy but it’s a decision that I needed to make in order to take care of myself.

My self care has evolved into devotion and discipline to be the best I can be.

I left my sense of comfort a month ago, 1,000 miles away. This transition has been shaking me to the core. I haven’t been able to stop creating, haven’t been able to stop believing that the things I desire are right in my grasp.

They are.

Ultimately, self care is stepping away from the things that constrict me. It requires great effort and work, and it isn’t always something simple or relaxing. . . but it’s the life I choose.

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