Self Care Sunday VII: The Value of Discipline

Self Care Sunday VII: The Value of Discipline

At Blue Ridge Hemp, our core values are nearly entirely rooted in the premise of self care. In fact, it is what makes our brand so great!

Self care is one of the few concepts in our world that is universally valued and all-inclusive.

This means that at Blue Ridge Hemp, we truly include EVERYONE.

While not everyone will partake in the practice of yoga, Gratitude Friday, or even believe in the practice of using CBD, you would be hard-pressed to find an individual out there who does not believe in the value of practicing self care in some way.

It is a vital component of being a healthy, functioning, and happy human being.

However, in order to practice self care, one must have a personal definition of what self care means.

So as I sit here writing this in my “BRHC self care everyday hoodie,” my goal is not to share with you the importance of self care, but rather to share my personal definition of it, as well as explore the underlying components that make it self care.

For me, self care is defined as the deliberate, self-initiated actions that I take in order to live up to my values.

This is because I feel best when I am living up to my values, which allows me to supportothers in living up to theirs.

Ultimately, helping others live up to their values is my source of fulfillment and happiness.

But the action steps are the easy part. After all, practicing self care implies that I am partaking in behavior toward myself that is caring.

The true challenge lies in knowing which deliberate actions to take.

For this reason, I believe that self care begins with discipline.

Discipline requires us to forego immediate pleasure in exchange for long-term self-respect (i.e., living up to our values). For me, it’s the little voice in my head that says, “I love you too damn much to let you eat this ENTIRE carton of ice-cream” and the one that gets me up at 5AM to workout before the sun is up.

Simply put, it’s having command over my own mind so that I have the ability to choose which actions are in my best interest! After all, given all of the obstacles that life throws at us, can we really afford to hold ourselves back?

Personally, the only method I’ve found to sustain my happiness is to discipline myself.

For me, this entails building habits over long periods of time, and continually stacking upon those habits so that I can reach a new state of being.

That is why I choose to practice self care everyday and why I surround myself with others whosupport me in doing so.

Here at Blue Ridge Hemp, we have ambitions to change the world.

However, in order to change the world, we must first master the ability to change ourselves.

That is why we as a team encourage each other to practice self-care everyday, and why we encourage you to do so as well.

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