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CBD Superfood Spicy Red Pepper Hummus

It’s always fun to concoct flavorful and complex @cbdsuperfood recipes, but sometimes we like to steer clear of complexity and keep things easy. On this #gratitudefriday we are feeling grateful for the simple recipes that can carry us through the workweek. 🙏 ✨Preparing a few batches of meals ahead of time can be a way to practice self care in two ways: it ensures that you offer your body wholesome foods for nourishment, and alleviates stress by helping you move through your week with organization and ease. 🌶 Our spicy red pepper @cbdsuperfood hummus has helped us enjoy a hearty snack throughout the week. We made a triple batch, pre-chopped a bunch of veggies, and were able to munch on this savory goodness for...

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