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Mantra Monday XXVIII: Be Convenient When It’s Inconvenient

Author: Joe Lizz I talk a lot about taking care of ourselves and our own well-being. Nourishing our own mind, body, and soul. Self care benefits ourselves, and also ensures that our soul cup is full to pour into others. So to start this week, I want to plant the seed of helping others, even when it comes at a time when helping others isn’t easy or feels tough to fit on your to-do list. Even when it’s not convenient, compassion and kindness are a necessary expression of love. The art of friendship, of any relationship, requires it be a “two-way” street. To be the supported and supporter, the loved and the lover, the talker as well as the listener. This balance promotes growth within you...

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Mantra Monday XXIV: Surround Yourself with People Who Support AND Help Build You

Author: Joe Lizz Team Blue Ridge Hemp coming in hot with another reminder for me this past week about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will support you and also help you grow and evolve into a better version of yourself. You want your tribe to be filled with people who are “in your corner.” You want them to be there to tell you when you’re doing well, and also when you need to get out of your own way or when you need to “get it together” and grow where you go. Surrounding yourself with the right people and at the right time(s), can be challenging. Just because someone was the right friend at a certain moment or during a certain part of your journey doesn’t...

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Gratitude Friday VII: Winner Friends

Dictated by: Will Oseroff Transcribed by: Danielle Schoen Edited by: Alexa Bonsey I’m super grateful for the ways that our hard work over the past two months is playing out. It’s been a time of building and planning, all the while focusing on the things that have been our core: community, relationships, conversation, and aligning our mission with the passions and purposes of others. That’s been the core of Blue Ridge Hemp from the beginning and it’s continuing to be our core today. One of the ways I see this core sustaining is through the relationships that are evolving from our work. Building these relationships and watching the way that everything is playing out ultimately proves the winner friend theory. The winner friend theory states that bringing on one new winner friend,...

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