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Self Care Sunday V: Leading a Lifestyle of Self Care

Author: Alexa Bonsey Editor: Danielle Schoen While scrolling through Instagram recently, I saw a post that proposed a unique way of considering joy. It suggested that we might be happier and more successful if we choose to conceptualize positive change as a slow accumulation of small positive experiences, rather than a reduction and / or elimination of negative experiences from our lives. This idea has been lingering in my mind throughout the week. As I sat down to write my post for today, I was struck by the relevance of this concept in terms of self care. We so often view self care as a response — specifically, a response to experiences of pain and negativity. When my friends have reached out to me about struggles in their relationships, work, health, or other aspects...

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Mantra Monday VI: Self-Care is Selfless, Not Selfish

Author: Joe Lizz Editor: Alexa Bonsey Repeat after me: “It is not selfish to take care of myself. It is not selfish to make my own happiness a priority. It is not selfish to put myself first.” Whether you are a parent, spouse, significant other, a professional working a job in management / a leadership role, in just about any other stage of adulthood, we often believe that making ourselves a priority is selfish, entitled, or self-absorbed. When everything is going smoothly in life and we are hitting every hypothetical curveball that life throws at us out of the park, it’s so easy to forget the importance of self-care. We focus on those around us: their schedules, their emotional and mental needs, making sure they are successful in life. Committing to...

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