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Mantra Monday XXX: Good Vibes Only — Except Not

Author: Joe Lizz What is life when it’s all sunshine and unicorns farting rainbows? After a while, it’s boring and unproductive to our overall well-being and personal development.   The idea that good vibes are the only vibes could actually be promoting poor mental wellness, superficiality, and struggling relationships in our own lives. Ultimately allowing bad vibes to take root without us even realizing they’re there to benefit from.   “Good vibes only” perpetuates denial and is a weak attempt to promote a candy-coated perfect life that none of us are living. Life is hard, and challenging, and it challenges us to make better versions of ourselves.  When we maintain a false sense of perfection by claiming we only allow good...

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Mantra Monday XXVIII: Be Convenient When It’s Inconvenient

Author: Joe Lizz I talk a lot about taking care of ourselves and our own well-being. Nourishing our own mind, body, and soul. Self care benefits ourselves, and also ensures that our soul cup is full to pour into others. So to start this week, I want to plant the seed of helping others, even when it comes at a time when helping others isn’t easy or feels tough to fit on your to-do list. Even when it’s not convenient, compassion and kindness are a necessary expression of love. The art of friendship, of any relationship, requires it be a “two-way” street. To be the supported and supporter, the loved and the lover, the talker as well as the listener. This balance promotes growth within you...

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Mantra Monday XXVII: Honor Your Limits

Author: Joe Lizz Set limits for yourself and honor them. Set limits for your relationships with others and honor them. Not only can you not pour from an empty glass, but you can also only pour to so many others even from a glass that is full. You know yourself: your capabilities, your desires, your “I’m over it” point, and you know if and when other people are taking advantage of you. Put your foot down and remind people of your limits. If they cannot respect those limits, they probably can’t or don’t respect you. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You have a voice — use it, and don’t be afraid to use it. Fear is a fickle, odd creature, and at times, it causes us to...

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