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Mantra Monday XIV: Be Happy Just for the Sake of Happiness

Author: Joe Lizz There are a lot of moments in life that make us happy: falling in love, weddings, babies, cute puppies, delicious food when we are “hangry.” But what if we were happy for the sake of happiness — if we made a conscious choice to choose happiness even on the days when nothing seems to be going well?   Every day, we choose to allow energy into our life in one of two ways:   First, we actively choose to welcome or reject the energy.  We choose to end a friendship because it’s toxic or start a new relationship because it makes our soul happy. Second, in situations when we can’t choose to accept or reject energy, we can still choose how...

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Mantra Monday XII: Lack of Motivation Can Be Motivating

Author: Joe Lizz I’m going to be honest: I had a really hard time writing this particular Mantra Monday blog post.   I’ve been sick on and off all week and my motivation to do anything more than lay in bed has been nonexistent and I waited until almost the last possible minute to sit down and write this up.  Instead of dragging my feet longer and making up more excuses, I decided to use my lack of motivation as the topic for this week: finding motivation within my lack of motivation, so to speak.   We all have those days — that sometimes turn into a week — where we feel unmotivated and uninspired. Whether it’s at work, in our personal lives, or as a...

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