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CBD Superfood Roasted Onions

Autumn calls for an abundance of roasted root veggies! We tend to think of onions as an ingredient used in recipes to add flavor and texture, but they’re delicious on their own, too! Onions have cleansing properties that make this a valuable food to integrate into your weekly meals. Onions have antihistamine effects, which may reduce inflammation and histamine levels in the body, which might reduce one’s reaction to allergens and asthma. Eating lots of onions may also reduce glucose levels in the body to keep your sugars balanced. This recipe is a great side dish for an autumn meal, and might be the perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving spread! Save this recipe for your holiday plans next week. CBD Superfood...

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CBD Superfood Raw Apple Pie Bars

We’re starting off our week by finding a creative way to make use of our copious supply of local apples! Appalachia is known for its abundance of tasty apples in the fall. We have been so grateful to cook with apples from nearby orchards, which taste so fresh and so sweet! As we gear up for Thanksgiving, our kitchen is full of autumnal spices. These apple pie bars are flavored with cinnamon, one of our favorite spices. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, can improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin, and more. Combined with the possible benefits of CBD, these bars are a yummy dessert and a great way to support your body as we transition into winter! Apple Pie Bars Recipe Ingredients: 10 dates, pitted and soaked for...

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