Milena’s Journey of Discovering Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia and Blue Ridge Hemp

Melina is just Melina, there are a million adjectives we could use to describe her, but that may compromise her essence. And we think that is what speaking to Milena was really all about. The raw, enigmatic, candid essence she reverberates. She is an invisible illness advocate and speaks freely about Endometriosis, Neuropathy and Ehlers Danlos. She’s not shy to share how painful sex can be or how much it hurts to bleed and not to bleed with endometriosis. Her message is raw. Not that it is unpolished like a diamond in the rough. No. To compare her to a diamond would do no justice. She is a unique soul, much like the Paraiba Tourmaline, only found in Brazil, coincidentally,...

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Inside @foreveralwaysroxy’s world of playing piano, managing migraines, learning, growing and decreasing chronic pain with CBD

As unique as her name, Roxyona is an individual in every right and form. But it hasn’t been as easy as 1,2,3 to get where she is today. Speaking to her, her positive energy not only radiates into your mind but into your day and life. She is one 22-year-old who has it all figured out, without necessarily having it ‘all’ figured out. This becomes more prominent as we speak about her multitude of hobbies and passions and how she embraces the different growth phases of her life, always focused on learning and growing. Roxy has had to deal with and overcome an array of things to become the sparkling woman she is today. She doesn’t elaborate much on everything she...

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