Happy Camper CBD Kombucha Limited Release Tee

Happy Camper CBD Kombucha Limited Release Tee

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We have been working together with our friends at Lenny Boy Brewing Co the past couple months to bring our fans a new, unique beverage - a CBD Kombucha.

Come and try Happy Camper: a grapefruit kombucha with 10mg of CBD per 14oz. It combines rich citrus flavor with the health benefits of kombucha and possible benefits of CBD.

As two companies whose values and networks are so aligned, it’s been easy to collaborate—and we’ve also forged new friendships in the process. We’ve had a lot of fun making Happy Camper, and this process has allowed the Lenny Boy team to learn about CBD and the Blue Ridge Hemp team to learn about kombucha. We cannot wait to provide our fans, friends, and family with a product that may curb a variety of health issues that so many of us face on a daily basis.

Release: Saturday, August 4th

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