Tastemakers Hemp Tea - Purple Hemperor

Tastemakers Hemp Tea - Purple Hemperor

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Our exotic Tastemaker's strain, Purple Emperor, has such an incredible flavor profile that we had to create a tea blend that accentuates its calming, fruity, floral tartness. Butterfly Pea Flower, Lavender, and Lemon Verbena offer mental relaxation and mood boosting effects. Blueberries and Hibiscus bring a spark of refreshing fruitiness along with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Not only is this aromatic blend loaded with the taste of purple terpenes...it brews purple as well! 

Caffeine free

Ingredients: Organic Butterfly Pea Flower, Purple Emperor Hemp Flower, Freeze-dried Blueberries, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Lemon Verbena

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